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  Performed Projects

We are sorry but maybe not all performed projects have been translated in english yet.
So there is the possibility that there are more projects listed on the German site.

To View our performed projects in German please follow the Link below:


Projects performed at FMDauto:
  • Force sensors based on double bending beams and new deformation elements
  • Reference analysis of anti-friction bearing
  • Electronic immobilizer against  Gasoline theft made of plastic components
  • Analysis of a hot-gas generator, damage analysis, FEM- calculations
  • Automated Kops-feeding systems and  delivery devices for yarn –rewind-units
  • Video-assisted automated aligner station for CNC-processing of engine plates
  • Automated appraisement of hair samples under cosmetical influences
    video camera body for aquanauts with contactless activation
  • Developing and optimising of the actuation of a  weather radar aerial
  • Developing of sorting and feeding systems for metal fittings
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